Reasons Why Dancing Can Help People Recovering From Addictions

Almost everyone loves to dance whenever possible. This is mainly attributed to the fact that dancing takes the mind away from other stressing things. While dancing one feels just happy without necessarily worrying about other life’s issues. Because of this, dancing has been used to deal with different issues especially mental issues. Some of the people who can benefit a lot from dancing are people recovering from addictions and also those who are suffering from depression. In fact, dancing is commonly used in addiction recovery centers to help the people recovering be able to recover more effectively.

recovering from depression
recovering from depression

The main reason why dancing can help a person recovering from addiction is that it occupies the mind. By dancing one is able to forget about using the different substances and therefore concentrate only on dancing. The importance of this is that people who are recovering from addiction tend to think about the substances they are trying to stop using. When thinking about those substances it becomes easier to relapse or even fail to finish the various recovering programs. But while dancing regularly, a person recovering from addiction is able to find something to think about consequently allowing more effective recovery.

Another reason why dancing is even used in recovery centers for addicts to help the people recovering recover more effectively is that it enhances physical health. This is an important aspect of the recovery process since it makes the body be able to accept the changes faster. While dancing one also sweats therefore enhancing the process of removing the unwanted substances from the body. Exercises are highly recommended in the addiction recovery processes and dancing is just a way of exercising. The only difference between conventional exercises and dancing is that the people who dance get to enjoy themselves more. By dancing properly, the people who are recovering even get to enhance their appetites and therefore feel the urge to eat the foods with the right nutrients.

Dancing also boosts the self esteems of the people recovering from addictions. In the recovery centers for addicts the people recovering usually get to dance in groups. As a result, they get to work as teams and therefore become friends. The importance of this is that everyone wants to be amongst friends. When surrounded by friends one feels good about himself or herself. Through dancing the people recovering gets to enhance team work and therefore get more friends. Consequently, they feel good about themselves and as a result they are more likely to recover from the addictions effectively.

In most addiction recovery centers the people recovering from addictions are usually given the freedom to choose the music they want to dance to. This gives them the opportunities to dance to the music they like. Even if the music is chosen by other people it is ensured that it is inspirational and danceable music. It is also important for the people recovering to be dancing regularly. This simply means that one should not only dance for a single time and then stop. The administrators of some of the recovery centers ensure that the people recovering dance regularly through monitoring them. This is for the benefits of the patients because they are the ones that get the advantages. Therefore, dancing has many benefits and can help people recovering from addictions recover fully.


World Irish Dancing Championships 2016


The World is the biggest and most prestigious Irish dance competition and the best thing it is coming back to Glasgow for the 4th time in 2016. Glasgow was the first city to hold the Irish dance competition event in the year 2002 followed by 2007 and 2011. Yearly, dancers do contend in regional qualifiers for them to have an opportunity of competing at the World Irish Competition. It is set to bring in an estimated figure of 14 million pounds into the economy of Glasgow because a lot of competitors, funs and tutors from all over the world will be coming to the city.

The Irish competition will take a week and will cover all age groups and dances. The main objective for most dancers is to qualify for the World’s, but the challenge is getting crowned as the champion. When people hear of Irish dancing, most of them only think of the colorful dresses, fake russets, as well as funny wigs. They mainly fall short to notice the dedication, determination and hard work behind all this folly. The most recognized dancers train just like the top athletes, thrusting their bodies hard to get an opportunity of getting to the world champion.

March 20th to 27th the year 2016 marked the fourth time Glasgow hosted the World Irish Dance Championship which did bring entertainment and a boost of the economy to the city. Here is a simple guide of event on where to stay, things to do and see in the city, venue of the dancing championship and more.

Where to stay in Glasgow:

Accommodation will only be sold to those who book first. Glasgow is the authorized accommodation source for the World Irish Dance Championships 2016 and has conferred on discounted rates with various hotels.

The Venue


The World Irish Dance Championships 2016 will be hosted at the Royal Covert Hall which is situated in the center of the city of Glasgow. The Concert Hall has expanded the venue areas and will get advantage from three different competing grounds inside the same building so as to ensure all attending have ample space for cheering a good show.

Where to shop

Besides the competitors, families and officials may have an urge of knowing the city better, and for this reason the suggestions below may be of help for shopping purposes: the Princes Square, Ingram Street, Buchanan Street are among many having various malls, designer stores and boutiques with the best brands.


Why Ballet is Considered More of an Art than Sport


Ballet dance is considered to be a type of theatre or performance dance. It is said to have began in the fifteenth century during Italian Renaissance. The Italian Court loved to stage lavish and expensive performances during celebrations such as marriages and coronations. It was Catherine De Medici who was the founder of early Ballet and without her influence Ballet would not have developed as it has today. She could be called the mother of the Ballet due to her active promotion of the Art form and her imaginative and creative input.

Ballet Dance is an exceedingly technical form of dance and it takes a vast amount of practice from a very early age in order to master this art form. It is usually played along with various forms of classical music although these days any music from thrash metal to hip hop can accompany modern ballet. This form of dance has endeared and endured around the world. It is very much a part of our Western culture and history.

The word ballet originally stems to a Latin word ballare and this means to dance. Ballet dance tends to use its own language which the words are mostly influenced by the French language. Ballet was extremely poplar in France and Italy in the seventeenth century.

Ballet dance is a style of dance with a lot of historical background. Ballet dance originated as a way to entertain the royal courts and it has grown increasingly popular since it’s beginnings. Ballet is now popular among young girls and boys all the way through adult women and men. Ballet is popular amongst youngsters because pre-primary and primary ballet is a fun way for young children to get their exercise as a group while moving around to beautiful music. Many young girls really love ballet because they get to dress up in their pink leotards and practice their graceful movements with their friends.


As children grow older some of them drop out and choose to move on to other athletic endeavors but many girls and boys stick with it because they really enjoy ballet. Ballet is a great way to strengthen the body, remain flexible, get fit and tune into the physicality. Ballet dancers are some of the strongest athletes there are with endurance that surpasses Olympic athletes. For goal oriented girls and boys ballet provides a great physical challenge because there is always another exciting way to improve the form and fine tune the balance in order to add one more turn to that pirouette.

Many people also enjoy ballet because they enjoy performing and they like to be involved with the performances that tell a story. Intense ballerinas with stage presence and excellent technique can really embody a character and perform a captivating performance in swan lake. There is a dramatic artistic quality about Ballet and also a demanding physical aspect that really grab hold of the people out there who like to move around, be physically challenged and have a life that incorporates the dramatic performing arts.


How to Find the Most Comfortable Ballet Flats


The major reason that determines the purchase of the best ballet flats is comfort. Being a ballerina you need to ensure that your feet movements matches with the theme of the dance and ballet flats are the major feature that will influences it. If these are comfortable then the ballerina simply forgets the idea of wearing a shoe and concentrates more on her dance.

Selecting the most comfortable ballet flats

There are wide varieties of ballet shoes present in the market and it is often quite confusing to choose the ones, which match your feet. Ballet shoes for foot support of the ballerina. If you are a beginner then go for the soft ballet shoes made up of leather, satin and canvas material made up of full sole or half sole. Full sole offers full support to the feet extending from the foot to the toe. Beginners are to wear the full sole shoes until their foot muscles are eligible to do the Pointe step.

Pointe step is one of the important aspects of a ballet dance and one requires complete control over their legs to do this step. Through vigorous dance sessions and hard work the muscles present in the arch of the ballerina’s foot develops making it easy to do Pointe steps.

Now as the dancer advances to this stage they can wear split sole shoes. This is not something you need to repair with duct tape. These set of shoes has a break between heel and ball of the foot and thereby brings in more flexible movements to the feet to bring in a stunning performance.

Performing Pointe step indicates that there is good muscle and bone growth in the arch of the ballerina’s foot. During the dance and workout sessions often the shoes undergo a good amount of endurance causing wear. Hence it is important to choose the right fabric which is both lightweight and resistant to wear. Ballet Pointe shoes are available in leather and satin materials. Of the both leather is best as it offers good comfort and great resistance to wear. Maintenance is easy for leather shoes and also is more breathable.

Satin is more delicate than leather shoes with the same features and if you prefer these set then use them during important stage performances.

If you prefer for a cheaper purchase then go for satin shoes. Once you have decided the type of shoe and fabric then try wearing them on and the best ballet shoes is available in many leading stores, preferably choose the brands. So you don’t need to make them a craft project in the future.

If you don’t find a good store nearby then shop online. Some portals are ready to offer discounts even for the branded ones and the only thing to do is to surf for them. Get the most comfortable ballet flats according to your foot size and there is also option of exchanging your shoe if you are not convinced or does not fit well.

If you ever get to the point where you need to repair your ballet flats a great thing to try is getting a little duct tape crafty with your shoes.


What You Need To Know About Street Dancing 2


The art of street dancing brings together a wide variety of dance moves that are combined to come up with a unique dance. This dance mostly takes place outdoors in open spaces such as in the park, streets, school yard and so on. This form of dance is very vigorous and often attracts a lot of attention. The highlight of street dance is its ability to give each dancer the liberty to express his/her preferred style of dancing. Street dance incorporates different genres of music which are blended with the different dance moves.

Check out this movie inspired by the art of street dancing 2.

The dance moves involved include ballet, break dancing, robotic dance and many others.

Street dance allows dancers to improvise their own moves which are then blended in with the entire dance team. In this regard, every street dance is unique and stands out from the rest.
Street dancing performances mostly start off in a disguised manner and in the most random of places. People will be going about their errands as usual, and a dancer will emerge and start dancing. As spectators start milling around, other dancers will appear and the street dance will kick off in full swing. Some of the dancers first pose as on-lookers; only to spring into action and join the dance much to the amusement of the spectators.
Street dance training is essential for anyone looking forward to taking part in street dances. Although the dance appears largely freestyle, a great deal of time and effort goes into preparing a street dance. Even when a dancer is allowed to come up with individual moves, there is still a high level of coordination that is required to pull off the performance.
Street dance classes are open for anyone with a passion for dance. Since the dance involves several different styles, it becomes easy to absorb learners with different preferences to take part. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or experienced dancer, you will find your place in the street dance training.
Unlike other dance classes where you’re trained on a particular form of dance, here you’ll learn a bit of everything. By the end of the training, you will be able to pull off different dance moves such as ballet, salsa, robotic dance, break dance and so on. As far as dance is concerned, you will indeed be a Jack of many trades. The social nature of street dance will give you a chance to make new friends as you interact with fellow dancers as well as spectators.
Street dance instructors are well versed in a wide range of dance styles. At the beginning, you may be trained for one dance style at a time. Once you have mastered the individual styles, you will then be instructed on how to blend them to come up with a unique dance.

You do not have to remain on the sidelines any longer. Street dance classes will turn you from a spectator to an active participant in the action. You will definitely enjoy your moment in the limelight as you dance your way to stardom!